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In Louisiana, a vast network of waterways connects the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. These rivers and bayous create a nutrient-rich environment that fills our waters with fish. A fishing trip with me is a fun and exciting way to experience this watery state for yourself. I offer some of the premier saltwater charters in Baton Rouge, LA.

I only captain charters on saltwater, so you can trust that I’m an expert. Whether we’re embarking on a day of inshore fishing on the marshes around Baton Rouge, LA, or heading out for deep sea offshore fishing, you will be in expert hands with me.

When you take a coastal fishing trip with me, you’re likely to find grouper, king mackerel, amberjack, or blackfin and yellowfin tuna on your hook. For redfish, trout, and flounder, choose one of my inshore fishing trips to the gin clear waters of Louisiana’s marshes.

The perfect spot for catching huge, trophy-winning, bull redfish, the marshes around Baton Rouge, LA, offer abundant fish populations at any time of year. In fall and winter, bull redfish hunt bait fish, shrimp, and crabs in the shallow water, and they spawn in deeper waters in spring and summer. You won’t find better redfish fishing anywhere on Earth.

Surrounded by waving oyster grass studded with periwinkles, and shaded with black mangrove trees, you’ll find inshore fishing on the marshes as beautiful as it is fruitful. If you pay close attention, you may catch a glimpse of a clapper rail or seaside sparrow. Because of the clarity of the water, much of our search for redfish will be by sight, a unique and exciting fishing experience.

Fishing redfish in our Cajun marshes is an experience you’ll never forget. Contact me at Spots & Specks Charters to book your trip today and enjoy a unique fishing adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime.